Richpen Apollo 113C Airbrush Opinion

Has anyone used the Richpen Apollo 113C airbrush? I would like to get
another airbrush and am looking at an Iwata Eclipse HP-C or this one.
I currently have a Badger Anthem 155 and Aztek. Thank you for any
information you could give me. I will mostly be using it for armor
1/35 scale and planes 1/48 and 1/32. Thank you.
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No, but I have an iwata HP-B and am extremely happy with it. They run around $140 on the net new.
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I have a Richpen 113C and it is a VERY good airbrush. It is basically an Iwata HP-C, lots of parts should interchange. I picked mine up on ebay for like $79 and at that it's a steal.
One nice thing is that the Richpen has teflon seals, so solvent based paints don't eat them up.
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