Saturn V kits - which one?

Can anyone please recommend a decent Saturn V kit? One that is well
detailed and that also fits together well with no assembly problems.
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Look up the space-modellers group on
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Bostjan Lemut
In 1:144 I prefer the Monogram offering. New Ware makes a nice update set for the 1:96 Revell offering. You can get block II CSMs in either scale from has all kinds of nice decals for almost any rocket and scale.
Curtis Bullard IPMS 40355
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IPMS 40355
In 1/144, the Monogram offering fits better than Airfix's. However, the Airfix Saturn V is a little better detailed. Neither the Airfix nor the Monogram model have the proper Apollo C/SM. Both have a Block 1 CSM which was never flown on any Apollo mission. Realspace models
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make a Block 2 C/SM that will correct this.
As for the Revell 1/96 bird, if you can get one cheap, buy it. Otherwise it's not worth the bucks. It's a large but fragile and inaccurate model. Look on e-bay for a spare parts bird rather than buying the complete model. You're going to replace the plastic tank wraps anyway. See Rick Sternbach's website for how to make a decent Saturn V out of the Revell kit.
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As stated before, New Ware makes a nice detail set for this model. You'll still need a Block 2 C/SM from Realspace to do it right.
The flying model from Estes also makes a nice display Saturn V too. The stages don't separate though. It's rather easy to assemble. You'll have to trim the fins down to scale size for it to be a true scale model. Once you trim the fins though, you can't fly it. Apogee Rockets also makes an awesome 1/70th scale Saturn V. It's huge but quite accurate and it flies to boot! The only drawback is its price at about 200 clams.
As others have stated, join the Spacemodeler group on Yahoo for more info.
Hope this helps, Gene DiGennaro Baltimore,Md.
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Gene DiGennaro
The 1/96 scale Revell kit, with the New Ware detail/upgrade set.
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Bruce Burden
Hi folks, topic says all- I want your opinion which Ju-87 B is the best in 1/72 scale ? TIA Slider
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From what I have read, I think most folks consider the Fujimi B the best in the scale. Others, of course, may disagree.
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Thanks !!
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