Saving Pvt. Ryan tanks

A buddy asked me the following question, and I did not know the answer.
Near the end, on the bridge, are some tanks - what are they? The top looks
like Tiger type, but the tracks and drive are not correct.
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Andrew M
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It was a "kit-bashing" (though, pretty good, in my opinion). The lower hull, suspension, drive-train, etc was a T-34. The upper hull, and most of the rest of the exterior, was built to look like a Tiger. For the most part, I feel, they did a great job.
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Greg Heilers
"Kellys Heroes" leftover. This combination has been kitbashed a few times I think, saw a pic of one in finescale modeler. The English have a REAL one now running I think, hope to see it in some flicks.
Andrew M wrote:
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old hoodoo
You are quite correct. It's at the Bovington tank museum and it is in running order. It's a bit battered on the rear exhausts, but it is the real deal.
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You can read all about the Bovington Tiger here
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Nigel Heather

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