Hi Troops:
Well, the lamp went out in my HP scanner and I figured that since I
bought it in 1998 there might not be much chance of simply getting it
repaired. The gent at Best Buy's repair center said it would cost more
to repair than a new scanner would be. Based on some recent comments on
this sight I went for a Cannon scanner. It was $79.95. The HP it
replaces was $299.95 in 1998. Electronics and time, aye, aye, aye!
First CD player I saw at Jim Disney's Stansbury Audio and Video way
back in the 70's was around $7995.00. Now they are under $50.
Only problem with the scanner so far is that it saves images in Adobe's
.pdf format. I gotta figure out how to make them in .jpg format.
Bill Shuey
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William H. Shuey
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CDs in the '70s? I know I'm generally clueless about things technological but I think you may be a decade early there.
That said, I remember my first VCR was about the size of a suitcase and the tape was inserted into an elevator contraption on the topside.
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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your new scanner will not have a ccd like your old one. it won't be quite as good. ccd's are still over $250.
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If it is a standard scanner you should be able to open the scanner from within your photo editing software. It may be easier to set the file save format from within that software than the software that came with the scanner.
BTW, I use a scanner and computer a lot in modeling. I always scan the decal sheet with older kits that may have bad decals. That way I can re-create the decals in case they break apart (I also overcoat them before using, but even that cannot rescue them sometimes).
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Don Stauffer in Minnesota
"imagemagick" is a *fantastic* command-line graphics editing suite, popular on Linux and UNIX machines. (Think of it as having many of Photoshop's capabilities but *without* the GUI, using only your DOS or "cmd" shell.) It will covert from .pdf to .jpg (usually just with the simple command: "convert image.pdf image.jpg"). It will actually convert just about any format, to any other format.
It is available for Windows now:
formatting link
(Main site)
formatting link
(Windows binaries)
Try it out, and see if you will find that working *without* the GUI, is actually more flexible.
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Greg Heilers

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