SDV Model 2011-2012 Catalogue

Product Review: SDV Model 2011/12 Katalog (Catalogue); 24 pp; published by SDV Model, Prague, Czech Republic (http://; price unknown
Advantages: Nicely presented coverage of all of the products of this company, URLs and data for ordering direct
Disadvantages: none noted
Recommendation: for any 1/87 scale armor or civilian vehicle collector or wargamers wanting a more complete selection of vehicles, especially support types
    Most Americans (and many other nationalities) who build armor tend to choose one of three scale groups: 1/35, 1/48, or 1/72-1/76. But in central Europe there are a large number of modelers who, for a number of reasons, concentrate on 1/87 scale or model railroad HO. This quite often has to do with living in small apartments and as such a handful of 1/35 scale models would soon start vying for living space with the occupants.
    As a result, there is a large number of model companies who cater exclusively to these modelers. The best known in the West are probably ROCO, Roskopf and Trident, but there are many others, especially with civilian vehicles. Many of the better known ones here are Herpa (who now owns ROCO and Roskopf), Wiking, Brekina, Kibri, and Albedo. But there are others, and one I have always liked is SDV from the Czech Republic.
    I have been collecting and building SDVs line of military vehicles for some time now, and it was with the arrival of this catalogue this week that I became aware of how large their product line really is. This nicely printed and presented catalogue covers all of their lines of HO scale kits: 87xxx military models, XXX civilian models, 1XXX civilian model accessories and finishing materials (e.g. paint and decals), 2XXX civilian kits with resin bodies, 4XXX HO model railroad items, 6XXX fortifications, and 7XXX helicopters. Some of these come pre-painted and pre-decorated, and others are typical model kits requiring the modeler to paint and decal them on his own.
    SDV offers well over 400 items in its catalogue, but of most interest to armor fans are their 120 (and growing) armor models. These include WWII armored vehicles that cover the entire range of TNHP Praga tanks through Warsaw Pact vehicles of the 1950s-1980s, new Russian vehicles, and Czech and Polish produced vehicles from the Cold War era. SDV offers all of the T-72 tank family from the T-72 through the T-90 Model 1992 and some of the Czech and Slovakian derivative vehicles. They also offer the entire family of BVP vehicles - the Czech version of the BMP-1 and many BMP-1 variants.
    The other vehicles include Tatra and Praga trucks from the Warsaw Pact days as well as several Polish Mazur artillery tractors. A few artillery pieces are also available such as the D-44 85mm field gun with MT-LB tractor.
    The kits all come completely knocked down and require care in assembly, but have more details than most of the ROCO models still on offer. This includes track sets with separate road wheels and drivers/ idlers for the tanks, as well as optional position hatches and other nice touches.
    If you do not have access to the catalogue, the models covered within can be seen at the listed website.
    Thanks to Jan Podubecky for the copy of his catalogue.
Cookie Sewell
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