Seeking suggestions for good figure painting book...

A long time ago I posted a request for a good guide to figure painting.
Several folks replied, and recommended one by Shep Paine. It was
regarded as the best of its kind, but sadly I've been unsuccessful in my
search for it. Apparently it is out of print now, and the rare times I
DO come across it the price is way too high.
So, I'm back to seek the advice of the figure-painting wise here. What
are some alternative figure painting guides you'd recommend that I stand
a good chance of finding currently in print?
I'm not a total novice, but my interest in painting figures has reached
a level that drives me to a higher level. I know the best work is done
with either acrylics or oils, but I really don't have experience
painting with either. I've always used enamels.
Thanks as always for any leads, and best wishes.
I'm looking forward to the regional contest on May 20th, and admiring
some fine work. I'll be competing, but always find many impressive works
to keep me humble. :-)
IPMS Houston
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Randy Pavatte
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Hi Randy, Not sure how relevant this is but in Tony Greenland's book 'Panzer Modelling masterclass' he has a chapter (8) devoted to figure painting however the section is done by a Stefan Muller-Herdemertens and the quality is outstanding.
Hope this helped you .........Simon
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