Slightly OT: Painting a helmet

I'm thinking of painting a helmet (a real one) with spray cans.
Do you think I could do without a primer? (I'm afraid of damaging the
fiber-glass shell, using a non-acrylic-based primer)
How can I prevent cracks from appearing after a while?
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Paulo Nunes
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No. You'll have to sand the helmet to remove any previous paint or primer, and to have a smooth surface, or your primer will not adhere.
Water-based acrylics will not stick to fiberglass. You'll have to use either a specific primer, or an acrylic lacquer primer.
Several thin coats rather than a thick one, and at least 24 hours of drying between coats. And don't get hit on the head when wearing that helmet...
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Serge D. Grun
be very carefull of your paints. some will render the pot useless.
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Be very careful painting helmets particular "real ones" that are used to protect you head/brain. In most parts of the world stringent testing/certification processes exist and the simple application of a sticker (let alone paint) can render the helmet unsafe/illegal (some adhesives weaken the materials used in helments).
Be aware that few helmets consist solely of a fibreglass shell. Some cotain kevlars and various exotic polymer mixes.
If you want to paint a helmet identify the materials used in each section of it. Ask an experienced specialist painter (eg. high quality motorcycle helmet painter) for advice.
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The Raven
Primers will not damage fiberglass. It is pretty resistant to any paint-type chemicals. Go for it. You can even use lacquer and lacquer primers.
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Don Stauffer in Minneapolis

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