Nasty Stripes: Paint, Brush or Tecnique?

Hi there,
I seem to be having some problems with my paintjobs getting rather
noticable stripes, and the paint usually has a hard time getting good
coverage, even after 2-3 layers. I'm using Humbrol Enamels, and some
pretty standard hobby brushes. The paint is given a good shake, with a
nut in the jar to aid the mixing.
Can't deside what part I should blame, the brush (for being to stiff?
Even though I've tried 3 types) , the paint for being to thin or me
for running out of talent?
If anyone has closeup shots of WIP paintjobs with brush, I would love
to see them. I never had to do 3+ layers when I did this stuff years
ago, with the exact same paint and brush type.
I'm not in denial about my own abilities, but it would just be silly
to keep on, if theres a basic problem with either paint or brush ;).
Funny story: I don't really have any nearby shops that carry good
quality brushes, so I found an online hobby and crafts dealer, that
had some really nice looking ones. The price seemed fitting, at around
$10 a piece. I ordered a number 2 round and number 4 flat. When the
package arrived, I was puzzled to find 24 brushes?! I had noticed it
said "12pcs" on the website, but I just dismissed it as a indication
of number on stock :D. Next time I'll just have to go somewhere in
person I guess...
/Ronnie - been clean for 8+ years, but the first sniff of glue just
pulled me back in!
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Ronnie Pedersen
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