Air brush/Automotive Paint

Has anyone used automotive paint in their air brush? I have some extremely
minor touch-up on my car, and the body shops want quite a bit to fix it (it's a
I'm rather proficient with my air brush and blending paint into an older
finish, so I'd like to use my air brush on this. I would be using the GM
touch-up paint. I definately do not want to damage the air brush, however.
If this is possible, how it the paint thinned and the brush cleaned?
Forgive me for being a bit off topic. This is the only group I would trust
with this question.
Thank you.
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Sure, lotsa folks paint model cars with full size paint to have an authentic color. Read the label contents and figure out which thinner/reducer you'll be needing and go at it. You may need to do some preparatory sanding but other than that it should be painless. hth
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I know of a guy that used nothing but automotive paints on his models and they turned out beautiful.
He used lacquers but I would think automotive enamels would work as well. Juts make sure it's thinned properly.
Best of luck.
...Jerry Davis... "MMCL Webmaster"
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Jerry Davis
Thank you for your response.
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Thank you for your response Jerry.
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