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My old Badger 200 (single action) air brush will not work. I could probably ultimately get it repaired, but maybe it is not worth the time and cost. Immediateely avaailable I see brushes offered by Paasche, Aztec, Badger and Iwata. Is double action the way to go? I would use it mostly for structures andd rolling stock, and other general use around a model RR. Recommendations appreciated. Thanks.

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I've had a Paasche VL for a long while now. I like the Paasche because its easy to control and cleans up well. I had two Badgers before the Paasche and it seemed like no matter how much time I took to clean them they would always have to be fooled with before I used them again. I'm sure the other brands offer some very good products including Badger. There may well be much better airbrushes than a Passche VL but it would probably serve you very well for many years and is not very expensive. Paashe also has a single action brush. Bruce

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Bruce Favinger

I have a drawer full of airbrushes, but my most favorite for model rr work is my Paasche H single action, bomb-proof, easy to get parts for, airbrush. A super tool, and still under US$ 35.00

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For most model RR folks I recommend the Paashe "H" airbrush. It will do

98% of all model RR jobs, and is simpler, easier to clean, and easier to learn to use than thier "VL" brush.

Certainly the "VL" is a better airbrush, but it's overkill for most model RR uses. The "VL' is really at it's best when doing fine shading and blended overlapping colors. Such work shows up a lot in artwork, figure painting, and military camouflage patterns; but hardly ever in model RR applications. The "VL" will also make a SLIGHTLY finer spray pattern, but the "H" with the #1 tip will do nearly as well (even the #3 tip in th "H" is good enough for most model RR aplications).

I have both, and know how to use both, and still use the "H" for most of my work ... mainly because the "H" can be cleaned so much faster. An "H" can be disassembled, cleaned, and reassembeld in perhaps two minutes. To do the same for a "VL" will take over five minutes. When you're doing a lot of color changes, that adds up fast.

And, if you want to do really fine detail work, the "VL" ("V"-Large) is still not the best brush ... it's smaller cousin the real "V" is better for that. If you want TWO brushes, an "H" and a "V" would be the better pair.

Dan Mitchell ============

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Daniel A. Mitchell

Thanks for the recommendation Daniel.

Walthers currently have the Paasche H boxed set on sale for $70

And they now have one less :-)

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Robert Small

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