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Hi all,

I have made the mistake of buying Revell's 1/12th Ferrari and need to strip the paint of back to the plastic.

I have tried some of the ideas in "tools and Tips" at the ARC but to no avail. I think the problem might be the clear coat of lacquer they put on it after that is preventing any penetration to the paint.

All ideas would be welcome or it goes in the bin.


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Try the forums at

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- there are a few people there who have done it.


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Iain Miller

Go here and order some Strip-A-Kit. It's the perfect solution to your problem. It works as advertised.

Frank Kranick

WartHog wrote:

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The Kranicks

If you have already tried Castrol's Super Clean and any brand of oven cleaner without desired results, get a bottle of good old Red Devil Lye from your grocery. 4-6 tblsp in a gallon of warm water and 2-24 hrs soaking time should do the trick. Some additional toothbrush scrubbing may be needed for those crooks and crannies. Lye will eat just about anything organic so wear gloves

-- Chuck Ryan Springfield OH

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Charles Ryan

I have yet to run into a coating that resists a (nearly) saturated solution of caustic soda in warm water. Have a care though, your fingers don't stand up to it any better, so wear rubber gloves, and the water can get very hot after you dunk the soda in. Make sure it has cooled enough to avoid softening the plastic before you toss the victim in. Any paint that tries to resist can be wiped off in the soda bath with an old toothbrush.


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Rob van Riel

Hi Frank,

I should have said that I wasd from th UK. They won't ship outside US.

Blast and Blast again. Any ideas from the UK?


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