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I have built the Dapol Deltic with my 5-year-old son. I got the

> Phoenix paint specifically for DP1, but it looks way to dark to me. > My memory of DP1 in York and every photo I have seen is of a pale > powder-blue colour, but the Phoenix paints colour is much darker > and less vivid... > > Can anyone comment on this??? > > Also, given that I'm not happy with the colour and I've made a > complete hash of the white lining (I now dicover that there is a > lining pach from Fox!), how should I go about stripping the paint > from the body-shell? > > Any comments would be greatly appreciated...

If you're in the UK, you can get Modelstrip. It's a paste that you put on and leave overnight in a sealed plastic bag. It's very effective at removing paint applied to plastic, or to diecasts on top of factory finishes. It's caustic and can't be sent by post.

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Try "Mr Muscle" Oven cleaner !!!

All the best Steve

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Thanks for the brake fluid tip....

The kit is in very pale grey, so can't be affecting the colour, especially since the paint was a little too thick (and very well mixed). Also, the colour is very even which pretty much rules out the plastic colour and poorly mixed paint.

Out of interest, did you hand paint the white lining or use the Fox transfers? I tried masking the lines and painting that way, but the tape pulled off the blue base - the main reason I want to strip it and start again. Actually, since the kit was only £8 or something, I'm tempted just to buy another!

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I think also that the lining is a cream colour, not white.

Another alternative for stripping the paint is 'Superstrip' made by Phoenix Precision. Unlike 'Modelstrip', it isn't caustic so Phoenix can supply it by post.

Best regards


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Thanks for the tips... I bought the Dapol Deltic as a way of making my mistakes cheaply... I have a DC Kits Cravens 105 kit waiting to be built, but it looks a little scarey... The instructions are basic at best.

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There has been a great deal of on-line discussion over here in the colonies about stripping paint from plastic models. The kind of plastic from which the paint is to be stripped is a key to success or failure. I've used brake fluid with great success on some models and with disaster on others. Brake fluid will soften or even melt some kinds of plastic. The same is true of oven cleaners and similar products. The consensus here seems to be that 91% alcohol is the safest, with results that vary in terms of time needed, scrubbing effort, etc. I've used 70% alcohol for years to remove lettering without also removing the paint beneath. For that, I use a Q-tip (Cotton swab) and rub gently. If at all possible, test whatever paint stripping method you use on an area that won't matter too much if something goes wrong. Good Luck. Bear In Texas

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"HBrown5216" wrote

Following an article in the Railway Modeller a fair number of years ago I attempted to remove the paint from a Mainline *Jubilee* using brake fluid and ended up with a much melted moulding. Be warned!


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