(Paint) Airfix colour G14 Dove gray

Hi all,
I have an old Airfix 1/24 Harrier kit, and the paint reference it gives
for the interior is Airfix G14, described as Dove Gray. Could anyone give me
the Humbrol or Model master equivalents for this colour?
Thanks in advance,
Tony Whittingham
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Anthony Whittingham
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Humbrol 40.
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Al Superczynski
Bear in mind that "Dove Grey" is a rather light colour that is *not* correct for the Harrier GR1/3. The correct interior colour is Dark Admiralty Grey, which is available as Xtracolor X410. Also bear in mind that whenever a Harrier went wrong, for whatever reason, it always seemed necessary to pull the ejection seat to provide trade access. Therefore the cockpit became very heavily scuffed very quickly.
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Enzo Matrix

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