Stripping paint (again)

Last time I had some mediocre success with some green substance (some oil IIRC), tried degreaser had much better success - until now.

I have had one of my models sitting in Koala Degreaser for over a month now, and the paint has not started to lift (compared to the last few times).

Is there something a little stronger but does not harm the plastic/resin?

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Wayne M Jackson
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If that is green then I think that is what I used.

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Wayne M Jackson

Never seen the enamel stuff but I know it exists. If it's like the synthetic lacquer in the rattle cans you can use 96% ethanol to remove it (won't hurt the styrene).

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The Raven


What sort of paint do you know? The only paint I have had problems with the Koala degreaser is MM Acryl - the stuff in the sachets. I just used a toothbrush with a little elbow grease and about 98% came off which in my case was good enough.


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Brian Kucks

if the link to "Paint Strippers for plastic models etc" has not copied and pasted correctly then for many different types of paint strippers refer to

formatting link
and scroll down to

"Paints, Colour Charts, Mix Formulae & Strippers"

Alclad 2 - Model Lacquers - Natural metal finish lacquer Colour Reference Charts - Part 1 = Urban Fredriksson's Colour Reference Charts - Part II = Urban Fredriksson's Humbrol Paint Cross Reference Page Tamiya Paint Mix Formulae Paint Strippers for plastic models etc.

regards Alan T.

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It is the stuff in those little square jars.

I think I might have picked up a dodgy bottle of degreaser.

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Wayne M Jackson

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