Strombecker Wooden Kits?

A friend of mine in her 80's wants to build a kit she built a long,
long time ago. She asked me to check around
for a Piper Cub or Cessna.
Ebay does not have much at the moment. anyone know of sources for
wooden kits, old wooden kits that
won't break the bank that I can research and report back?
thx much - Craig
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Old Model Kits has one - but he also wants $155 for it.
I think that kit collectors are the natural enemies of modelers -- and vice versa!
Cookie Sewell
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From what I remember of those kits, it would be pretty easy to make one. Go on line to find a 3 view drawing of the subject, supply a few appropriately sized blocks of wood and put it in a box.... wala!!
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