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Hi there,
I'm totally new to scale models so please bear if i sound dumb!
What i'm looking for is scaled skeleton parts of a building structure
such as beams, columns, angles, etc. However I need them in rubber/
plastic or anything flexible. Any suggestions where on the web I can
find these?
I checked ebay, etc., and found couple of eiffel tower models but
nothing else. I don't mind buying the entire model if it has all I
Or, is there a way develop them using moulds?
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Evergreen also makes some structural stuff, but I think Plastruct makes a much better variety.
Many of the better hobby shops carry one or both brands.
Also K & S makes some structural shapes in brass, aluminum, and stainless steel. While the brass and SS are fairly hard, the aluminum is reasonably soft and can be bent a bit with enough care.
Also, some of the wood suppliers make milled structural shapes, but of course this stuff is not flexible at all.
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Don Stauffer in Minnesota
You might check some of the model railroad dealers. There is a plethora of stuff that they stock for building bridges and structures and that sort of thing.
Whether there's anything which meets your needs, I don't know. But that's were I'd start looking.
Whoops, I did start looking - Walthers stocks a variety of these sorts of things in styrene by Plastruct, Inc.
Try them.
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Type in "plastruct" in the "manufacturer" box and the search button will bring up more than that sort of stuff than you can use in a lifetime.
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Bill Shatzer
While I was briefly into model railroading a half century ago, I still keep up with their sources and state of the art. I buy a Model Railroader occasionally, frequently browse issue at library. I learned how to weather from model railroaders, and find many of their supplies and techniques very valuable to other genres of modeling.
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Don Stauffer in Minnesota

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