Tamiya Tank Name

What is the name of the US version of the Tamiya Lee Grant Tank or did they
both have the same name as used by the British.
Is the kit still available.
Thanks Paul
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Tamiya released the 1/35 M3 as two kits. The M3 Lee and the M3 Grant. The Lee was the US version and the Grant was the British version. A fairly early Tamiya kit, not too bad detailwise for it's age, but with a fair number of errors. Supposedly Academy is going to be coming out with a new M3 Lee/Grant series sometime.
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Dave Williams
The Lee was billed as an M3 but was actually an M3A5 based on the one at Fort Knox; the M3 Grant was supposedly a Grant.
Big problem is that they blew just about everything with these kits -- hull, suspension, tracks, and most of all, the turrets. But this was 1974 and we were more tolerant then...
Academy sent their factory rep down to APG and we gave him a tour of their M3 Grant, M3A4 Lee, and M3A1 Lee. Now to see what happens...
Cookie Sewell
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