Tamiya MiG-15?

Whatever happened to the plain Tamiya MiG-15 kit? I no longer see it in stores, and none of the internet outlets lists it. I know Tamiya did a chrome-plated version which is still available, but the basic kit seemed to have disappeared when the Trumpeter 15bis and 15UTI kits emerged. Are Tamiya and Trumpeter in cahoots?


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Hi Frank,

Since Tamiya introduced the "Clear Edition" with the extra transparent fuselage this seems to be the only version available, other than those shops still with stock of the "Chrome Plated" version, but as the kit still contains the standard parts, this isn't so bad, although the price is of course higher than the standard kit.

It would appear that Tamiya yet again has us modellers by the short & curlies, after all the same happened with the Swordfish too.

Happy modelling Ant

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Ant Phillips

...but if you planted your feet and waited, you got your Swordfish for $40 instead of the original $75 asking price. It took long enough, but I paid the price I wanted to...and ended up with one of each.

Same on the Betty. And the 1/32 Zero...but I'll probably let them have me on the new 1/32 F-16...

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