Ship Building Newbiew Seeking Advice

I am looking for a newsgroup or user forum for model ship builders.
Due to resp. allergies to tropical wood dust and lacquer finishes, I am
forced to give up my beloved hobby of acoustic guitar building. But I'm
not willing to give up wood working altogether. I have always wanted to
build a wooden ship model and this seems like a good time to try. I
have well-honed skills in fine-woodworking and inlay technique. I've
excellent focus and fine hand eye coordination. Of course being a
luthier, I've also a complete workshop and most tools needed for this
type of endeavor. What I lack is basic model building knowledge and a
support network to help me get through my first project(s). If anyone
on this group can put me onto a more focused (ship building) group of
hobbyists I would be very grateful. And suggestions are welcome.
Thanks and Happy Holidays!
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This link ought to do it.
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I'm from the UK and I'm only on my second model - HM Bark Endeavour from Caldercraft (arguably the best kits of this type from the UK)
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It's a great hobby and MUCH more absorbing than plastice models. Ships take months or even years to complete but what you get at the end is something really quite special.
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Julia De Silva
Go to
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and sign up for the shipmodeling mailing list. It is a Yahoo group so you can subscribe either as an email mailing list or a web-based discussion group. I think it is exactly the type of group you are looking for.
Randy wrote:
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Don Stauffer in Minnesota

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