restoring old wooden model ship

can anyone help I got an old wooden model ship given me for xmas but 1
of the mast's are broke & quite a bit of the rigging is too, what
should I use to replace the rigging ect
think in is what is called scratch built.
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Ship modellers use rigging thread run through a block of beeswax to remove the hairyness of the thread. You could try have stuff for wooden ship modellers,like timber ,tools etc.
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Restoration is generally much more difficult than building it originally. If the masts are broken, probably the spars as well, the entire rigging should be scrapped and redone. Either a partial repair (if possible) or a rerig is not a job for a beginner... especially if the model is scratch built. You should get some expert opinions on this from experienced modelers. You could post a series of pictures on the Yahoo ship modeler's newsgroups. Lots of detail. The expert modelers there will be glad to give you an opinion as to what is appropriate. If it is a high-quality model, the repair is best left to an expert restorer...who will do it for a fee. Or an expert modeler who is willing to do it for a song. On the other end of the scale, if it is not a fine model and you are willing to tackle it yourself, then they will give you soe guidance also. Note that from your very question, it is clear that you don't know much, if anything, about rigging a model. So without reading some books you are likely to botch the job. I'll tell you this much from one who has been difficult as an initial repair can be, it is far, far, worse to do a repair on a model where a previous novice attempted it.
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Boris Beizer
You might have better luck at :)
Kev> > can anyone help I got an old wooden model ship given me for xmas but 1
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