Testors Blue Mini-Compressor, WHAT AM I DOING WRONG???

Hello All
I have just purchased the Testors model 50204 Blue Mini Air Compressor
and I have run into a little problem. This thing's output is terrible. I have
had 1/4 full cans of air-brush propellant that put out more air then this
thing. What in the blazes is wrong here folks. I've taped all the fittings
with plumbers tape as per instructions and still hardly any air is coming out
of the airbrush (Testors AZTEK A320). Mine you with propellant cans this
airbrush was working like a champ, but it was beginning to be a bit expensive
(as most of you know). To make a long story short, is this thing this bad or
do I just have a lemon.
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terrible. I have
Is it possible that some of the tape got into the line? worth checking for a blockage
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Hello Spiff:
Nope, the plumbers tape is totally clear of the air line itself. I even reconnected the airbrush to a full can of propellant (another $10.00 down the sink) and it worked just fine. I contacted the seller and he is going to have another one sent to me. Hopefully I just got a bad model since I was assured that this airbrush should put out as much air as a can of propellant. Given the Mini-Blue is one of Testors most popular models, I hope mine was just a lemon.
spiff wrote:
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I tried one of those a year or so ago. Couldn't get air pressure worth a darn out of it. Took it back.
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Casey Tompkins
Okay Folks;
Casey below has got me a little worried. The guy that sold me the Mini-Blue is about to send me another one (essentially a mail swapout). Is this just a gigantic waste of time? Has anyone out there had a "GOOD" experience with the Testors Blue Mini-Compressor? If not how can they keep selling a product that clearly "doesn't" work??
Still hoping for the best!
Casey Tompk> I tried one of those a year or so ago. Couldn't get air pressure worth
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Hello Folks
You just have to read the reply I just received from Testors Tech Support.
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Mate, just bite the bullet and get the "real compressor with a tank". You can attach a moisture trap and regulator to your tank outlet and have clean, dry air at any pressure you like up to about 100psi, with no pulsing.
I have also attached a pressure switch to mine so that the motor cuts in and tops up the tank when the pressure drops below a set point.
I have also installed a bypass valve between the cylinder and the tank to that I can bleed air off directly, for pumping tyres, etc.
Cheers, James.
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James Venables

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