Time frame when you can use CA debonder ?

It's been a year or so since I sealed up the front part of the big B-36 before I put the innards inside. Needed to glue the wing spar and CA, as invisible as it is, sealed things up.

Is it too late to use the debonder to hopefully get the fuselage parts separated? I can scribe away at the inside wing spar if necessary.to cut away some plastic, but I would rather not go that route...


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My experience is that it makes no diffference (mostly it's nail polish remover with a higher price tag) but you may have to make several applications and wait.

Cookie Sewell

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Even cheaper when you just buy a can of acetone.

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Big problem with most CA debonders (especially acetone) is that they also attack and melt polystyrene! But if this is a resin kit then you should be safe. I said "most" because there might be one out there which does not attack styrene. I have not encountered it yet.


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