Does CA glue go "off"

At 6 months old, I would suspect that most of the volatile elements (esters and such) may well be past their use-by, never mind their sell-by date. You could try using an accelerator to set it instantly, but basically its time to get a new bottle. Incidentally, storing CA in the fridge during periods of non-use will extend its life. ENSURE that it is well protected if you do this, especially if there are children in the household. Chek

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I've never seen the stuff "go bad". However, new or old, the setting performance does change with climate. Six months ago was end of winter, and now is late summer (at least in the Northern hemisphere) and temperature and humidity (and airborne contaminates) do have an affect. Also, how much of the stuff did you use? A small dab on a slightly oily or painted surface could very easily fail, or if it had already partly catalyzed might make for a poor bond. I've found that CA can be iffy on styrene in general, and only use it for specific application, preferring the very runny and slow catalyzing type to insure best infiltration and tightest bond.

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I've checked FAQs here and elsewhere and can't find the answer.

I have had a bottle of cheap superglue that I have been using for the last 6 months and just recently it doesn't seem to want to work as it used to. It is taking up to a minute to set - used to be 10 - 30 seconds and its bond strength seems to have dropped off.

I am presently doing the AM Stormivik (Il-2m3) and while test fitting the wings the central lower wing which has the cockpit assembly attached simply pulled away from the fuselage - 4 days after having been glued in.

I know that Ca has little sheer strength but the forces being applied at the time were not great and were "pulling" not cross wise forces.

Anyone had a similar experience?


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