UK Glue Question

Can anyone recommend a brand of glue commonly availlable in the UK that
can be used for sticking the transparent cockpit onto plastic models.
I've been told that you can't use SuperGlue on transparent pieces but
everything I have tried so far fails to stick
Thanks for any help
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Superglue will work, but it may fog the canopy. I've heard that this problem can be prevented by coating the canopy with a clear gloss acrylic before gluing, but I haven't tried it myself.
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Wayne C. Morris
It could work also with Future coated canopy...
Try regular white glue for wood. It dries a bit longer, but if you mess up something, you can easily get it off by just soaking this part with water. It can also fill gaps between clear parts and the rest of the kit...
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Tomislav Martan 9A4Tc
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Duke Nukem
In my wisdom I use some super glue to stick windows in a tram I am building after the plastic glue didn't work.
Needless to say the vapour attached itself lightly around the frame of the clear plastic windows.
(No wonder they use this technique to lift fingerprints off glass.)
I don't think I'll be removing it though. If you have ever seen a bus from a large city like the one I am in (B'ham. UK) then you'ld agree that haze (dirt & soot) on the windows looks quite authentic.
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Along with the previously reccommended PVA glue you can also use most clear top coats (Kleer, Humbrol, etc.) for sticking your clear parts. hth
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