Req: Any info/advice/tips etc. on using resin detail parts, I'm new to this area of model-making! Pleeeeze!

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Hi Phil, Be sure to thoroughly wash all the resin parts in detergent and warm water to remove all the mold release agent. Test fit every part carefully before placing anything permanently. Microscale "Liqui Tape" works well for this and can be washed off before final placement. Don't be afraid to sand or file the parts to get a good fit just do it slowly and remove only a tiny amount of material at a time. Prime it before painting the finished model (gray or white primer works well) this will allow any small blemishes to show up and set up the resin for paint. If I think of anything else I'll post it later. =20 'Ol 45
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Ol' 45
Phil, that's good advice above and I'll add:
For your own health, wear a good quality dust mask when you're creating resin dust (ie sawing, filing or sanding), and wet sand as much as possible - the dust is mondo toxic. Same for your family; keep them away or dress them properly if they want to watch.
Wash your hands before eating, drinking or smoking, for that same old toxic dust reason.
Use super glues or epoxies to fix the parts in place, as styrene cement doesn't work.
Resin is usually brittle, so take some care with where you hold it and how much pressure you apply. The up-side of that is that resin parts tend to break cleanly, with no distortion, so they are usually easy to glue back together. Unless they shatter, in which case, all bets are off.
Just because someone says that it's the right part doesn't make it so - check your references if you're at all anal about accuracy. Even the big companies get it wrong sometimes (I'm naming no names.)
RobG (the Aussie one)
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