Tristar Panzer 38(t) Ausf B

I complain about he high cost of newer mold kits but Holy smokes!
I just picked this up from ebay still sealed for $21 plus very reasonable
I have to say I like where this company is going. I was interested in this
when it was first released but waiting sees to have been a marvelous idea.
Full interior, 2 sheets of PE, clear parts, builds up like the prototype,
decent choice of markings, has the command tank parts even though the box
doesn?t say it, molding looks very nice, I love the separate tires (I know
some people think it?s gimmicky but painting tires is the part I least like),
the tracks look good but we?ll see, I read that the guide teeth are not
supposed to be hollow on the early tanks and there are supposedly resin
replacements. I won?t get a chance to work on it for a bit, but very nice.
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Just be aware that Tristar kits do not suffer fools easily. They are wonderful models BUT have to be precisely assembled which is tougher than some people might think. Translation -- most of the kit permits ZERO slop in assembly.
As long as you keep that in mind and file and sand down sprue nubs, works great!
Cookie Sewell
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I read your reviews on the G and E/F. Actually I'm encouraged that they worked so hard on it to get it right. But that's why I'm going to wait on it. We're moving this summer back to Virginia (mother in law is getting a bit dodgy and needs some help around the house and my wife wants to be there for her) so it'll have to wait until I've got a proper workspace set up again. It does look to need 100% focus.
The main thing I thought was odd was no figures, I thought I'd read that they did supply some for the other Ausf versions. Then again if you open it up to show it off, guys sticking out of the hatches would just get in the way. 8)
At least I'll get back to a good group of modelers in the NoVa IPMS Chapter. I never took myself off the email list so I keep getting updates, I'm kinda pissed I missed the Model Classic this year. Outside of Scale Reproductions and the place in Elizabethtown pickings are slim here, though both are in fact good stores.
I have the Panzer Tracts and the Squadron in Action. I looked at the Walk Around but it's not really a 38(t) it's a Swiss(?) variant. Maybe I'll get it anyway. Anything else you'd reccomend?
And I can't imagine needing anything else such as additional PE, the PE fenders looked good, but so did the plastic ones. Does Archer make interior stencils that would work for it?
I'm reminded of the movie line: "It has been tried and tested. It works. So don't blame the system if you're no good."
Pity about putting everything up, I just finished the powder tube rack and tool rack for the M55 and was getting ready to work on the projectile rack. Maybe I'll try and knock it off before I start packing in earnest. They came out pretty darn good if I say so myself. I think I really nailed it. Of course my daughter looks at it and says why are you doing that if it's inside and you can't see it? Ahh the innocence of the 7 yo.
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