US Army A-10: What if?

Gt a couple of spare A-10s lying around & I'm thinking of doing one as
the proposed firebomber & another as a USA one. Way back when the USAF
was talking of retiring them & the Army wanted them, do you think the
Army would've given it an Indian (OK, PC, Native American) name? If so,
what? Of course it couldn't have been used before. Only names that come
to mind are Cherokee or Blackfoot or Navaho. OTOH, there are several
USA a/c that never got Indian names, so it's either way I guess. I'm
planning on painting it overall OD with USA markings, like the helos.
Maybe put a few Hellfires on it.
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If I'm not mistaken, there was a plane named the Navajo. Small utility aircraft, I think. Maybe brainfade, though. Steve
frank wrote:
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Steve Collins
You might be thinking of the civilian Piper Navaho. They also have a Cherokee.
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"frank" wrote in news:1118858498.902240.259820
That sounds cool. How about a Marine Corps A-10 used mainly for softening up the bad guys before an amphibious assault? That's actually one of it's Air Force roles so it's not a far stretch. Might look good with Corps paint/markings.
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I did one of those in 1/144th, using a camo pattern for the F/A-18 and decals for that and AV-8 Harriers.
Stephen "FPilot" Bierce/IPMS #35922 Pilot's Log:
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Stephen "FPilot" Bierce
That's entirely possible. I remembered the Cherokee, but couldn't place the Navajo as a civilian type.
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Like this?
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Harro de Jong

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