vacuum moulding

hi all i new here but i would like to know how one can vacuum mould
models from taking mould of models to remake them for one's self. i am
good mould make and would like to try make some vacuum models.can you
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The easiest way is to find a used Mattel vacuform. While the parts will need to be small, one can make model from assembly of smaller parts.
Second way is to buy book by Doug Walsh on making your own vacuform machine for making larger parts.
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Don Stauffer in Minnesota
I once took the trouble of making a female vacuum forming mold. The results were very nice, but I found out later that the master wasn't correct. This page shows a few photos, about halfway:
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Rob My models:
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Me 163B site:
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AQM-34 site:
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Rob de Bie

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