Visible Airplane Engine

Hi all,
I have just aquired a Renwal - Visible Airplane Engine
new in box.
The sides of the box top are torn, and somone put
some masking tape on the box to keep the top on,
but everything else is perfect. Instructions,
catalog, parts box's, and all the part in great
Can anyone tell me what something like this is worth?
I build and fly R/C planes, so it might be nice to keep
this and build it, but it might be nicer to sell it
and purchase more R/C stuff. :)
Thank you for the help.
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I have, or had at one time, alot of old renwal kits over the years and never even knew they made a visable airplane engine. I have a few old visable p51 mustang kits exactly like the rerelease a few years back and the originals sell for a good chunk of change. Id say the visable airplane engine would fetch quite a high price. Could you take a picture of the box and email it to me? id be very appreciative
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Moving this a bit off topic, I really used to love the large scale aircraft engine kits. I am hoping the rumors of the return of the WB kits is true, 'cause there are two of those I haven't built yet. Would love to see large scale (say 1:8 or 1:12) of the Allison V-1710 and the RR Merlin!
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Don Stauffer
On eBay they routinely go for hundreds of dollars.
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Thanks for the help!
One just sold on Ebay last week for 405.00. and it had replacement parts from Revell and was a little assembled.
I think I will be selling on Ebay, but I need to make sure my mother in-law does not get upset if i do... they where going to trash it! wrote in news:s557h152mjes3kq00mh0pjvvilad99a447@
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an unbuilt one and a built one are on ebay currently. the unbuilt one is still at $99.99 and the built one is at $199.99
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