wanted urgent

Im building the hobbyboss 48th T34/85 and its complete with engine and
interior detail!!
Im making this as a gift to take to Germany in 1 month so time is
important...lots of late nights
I have noooooo books or info, but does anyone have any good links to the
interior etc etc
Im also after a 48th figure...
formatting link
lower down you will see the T34 im making, but superdetailing not just
on a plynth...but i need a figure in the same pose as im stood! (i can make
a 48th figure have the same cool hair style as me hahahhaaaa)
Like i said, i have not got a clue how to do the interior, or how the kit
builds like, im not gluing both halves, so the whole inside can be seen once
lifted off.
Anyone built this kit?
I have asked on a German group, if they know the exact location of the real
tank, as i forget how many fuel tanks etc
Also what green would you use?
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Hi Jules,
Done some web searching & the following site certainly looks most promising regarding colours:
formatting link
It came courtesay of the following Silicon Valley modellers site that may hold more useful links:
formatting link
Also found the following forum regarding a build on the kit, which looks quite useful.
formatting link
As to figures, the following found on Hannants:
formatting link
formatting link
Hope these help & I've book-marked a few as I have one to build also.
Cheers, Stephen.
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Hi Stephen
Ta for the info, looked at the links..
I thought it would be way too clutterd and fidly in 48th, ok few bits are fidly but not too bad, went together very fast actually, did a couple of hours, everything needs to be open due the amount of detail that can be seen, a waste otherwise...
im not too sure on the real inside, although i have nooooo idea on soviet stuff, looking at the real foto link you gave...sure someone will come along soon and confirm.
looks like bashing a figure out of the tamiya set might be the best bet to make a mini me.
formatting link
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hello this site is a exellent source for the t-34 it even has t34 full size autocad dwg has well has loads of detail info hope this helps
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thanks for that...useful!
will do some more work on the model today... not sure of colours for a 48th scale, esp inside.
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