What if project question: Production Version F2Y1 Sea Dart

I've got both the AirModel vac-form and the Mach2 slab-o-plastic ver-
sions of the Sea Dart. I'm going to use one to hone my vacform skills and
make the other into a "production version" of the Sea Dart. I'm going to
do a VF-84 Jolly Rogers scheme in the gull grey/white of the late sixties.
Here's my question:
-What weapons would it carry? Sparrow I's, Sidewinders, Falcons or
2.75" FFARs?
-How would these said weapons be carried? Overwing hardpoints or
maybe pop-out rails ala the other darts?
-Would it be better to use a gloss white upper fuselage and gull grey bottom
as in the Neptunes,Marlins, and Orions?
I'm so far assuming that I'm going to use the Sparrow I's from my Fujimi
Cutlass kit and throw them on overwing hardpoints of my own design.
I'll probably lengthen the nose for a radar. The other option is to length-
en the nose, add an IRST and throw a couple of Falcons on the overwing
hardpoints. I keep thinking it's going to look like a squished out BAe
Lighting F.6 or something. :) I'm also assuming I'll go with a standard
gull grey upper fuselage and just add some 'rust' streaks along the bottom
where the panel lines outght to be (after I'll have puttied and then sanded
them off of the Mach 2 hunk-o-plastic).
Thanks everyone for any and all assistance! This is gonna look excellent
next to my gull grey/white Duck, Catalina, and Kingfisher!
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Drew Hill
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I don't think the Falcon was a Navy weapon. The Sparrow I and/or Sidewinder would be contemporary. You might want to add ports for 20mm cannon on the upperside of the nose. For colours I'd go with Gloss Engine Grey uppers and white undersides. So, which ski arrangement are you going with?
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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Mad Modeller
Well, since we're talking 'what if' scenarios, how about mounting Sidewinders on pop-up rails on the spine of the aircraft? This was tested on the Super Tiger prototypes, so its not totally unheard of.
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Rob van Riel

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