What's your most despised kit that needs replaced?

This isn't a question of "What new kit do you want of something that
no one's ever produced?" What I'm looking for is; what kit do you
continue to build, no matter how $h|tty it is? As an example: My
most hated three kits that I continue to build are (in no particular
-Testors' B-2 Stealth
-Hasegawa's F-102
-Hasegawa's F-106
I'll also add in the old Hawk XF-92 as well, I love them Convair
deltas but the only decent kit out there is the Italeri B-58 series!
All three of these kits have been out for a while and have either
major fit problems or detail problems. Hasegawa insists on
continually re-releasing their deltas with "Special" decals for crappy
and incorrect kits.
What kits do _YOU_ want to see new releases of?
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Drew Hill
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what's up with the B-2? Been trying to finish it for 10 years or so. Lots of finished sub assemblies. If I recall in the instructions there is a major warning about how to put the wings together to avoid it bending or warping, etc...
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Once upon a time I would have said Ruch's PZL P.23 but now I have two Heller kits to build.
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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that build didn't look so bad. were there minefields we can't see?
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Lest we forget there is always the Williams Bros. legendary B-10. Certified as unbuildable by Dan and the Mon-Key. Damn, I miss the Mom-Key........
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R. Franklin
AMT did a '61 Chevy Impala that a friend crunched into a BelAir for his dad. He said that it wasn't too hard. THat kit is probably long out of production.
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The Old Man
The Old Man wrote in news:4857ef35-89a5-4cf8-9291- snipped-for-privacy@n21g2000vba.googlegroups.com:
Lindberg makes a newer version of the same car. Biggest differences that I can think of quickly are the 4 taillights of the Bel Air vs the 6 of the Impala and side trim changes. Officially, Chevy never built a Bel Air convertible but one was featured in Collectible Auto the other year. It alledgedly had a factory serial number. That sounds more like something Mother MoPar would have done.
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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Back in the day, companies like Revell--no, Revell--would take a mold and re-issue it to death. The 1/542 Essex from 1959 came out as nearly every member of that class, with a different decal sheet and, if you were lucky, a new sprue of planes. Ditto for nearly any ship. But the absolute worst instance is still for sale. The "Bounty" from 1957 was and is one of the finest sailing ship models ever molded in plastic; it's still for sale. But it's also for sale as HMS "Beagle", Darwin's exploration ship. The "Bounty" was an honest, sturdy collier, a hardworking transport, built around 1790. The "Beagle" was a fast gun brig, bulit along the lines of a Baltimore Clipper, low and fast, built around 1820--30 years after the "Bounty", for a different purpose, and with very different lines. It's like Revell reissuing their Victory Ship "Montrose" as a destroyer.
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