Phinished a Phantom today!

Heya folks!
A little background on this first off...
I was married just over 15 years ago. I graduated from
high school 21 years ago. This is the firs Phantom II
thatI've applied DECALS to since HIGH SCHOOL! Wow!
I find that impressive for me!
It's not that I can't do them, I just had the tediousness
of applying decals! So, I went through my collection of
built models, and excepting those which are on display
in an ROTC facility which I had no access to, the only
Phantoms that I have with decals on them are from
way back when I was in high school! Now, I've done
decals since then, and I've built phantoms since then,
but apparently not at the same time on the same sub-
So, anyway...
This kit is a 1/72 ESCI F-4C/J built as a D kit with mark-
ings for the ND ANG. I'm using an ANCIENT Micro-
Scale set with the Camoflaged a/c. Good thing I sprayed
it with Glosscote, the decals had gone to crap. I had
at least three start to disolve on me. Three layers of
Testors' Glosscote later, they're staying in one piece.
I used a conglomeration of decals from a variety of sour-
ces for the details, and decided to go with the Hasegawa
AIM-4 launcher inboard weapons pylons and a Monogram
vulcan gunpod on the center line. The cockpits are hand
painted and the canopies are up. My only regret is that
I waited until the damned thing was finished until I real-
ized that I'd left out the figures!
It's looking swell next to my ND ANG kits of the F-51,
F-94B, F-94C and F-89D. I'm not sure what the next one
is going to be; I'm torn between doing the F-101B and
building the next Phantom (ADC Grey).
Build 'em, don't collect 'em!
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