looking for a conversion kit

hi all, Looking for a conversion kit for the 1/72 F9F Hasegawa

The conversion kit is an F9F-8T I believe this was from esoteric

any help will be appreciated John

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Hannants list a conversion kit from RVHP. Unfortunately they also list it as Sold Out, but they tend to restock quite quickly. I'd suggest dropping them an email.

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Enzo Matrix

It's by Falcon, OOp now, but I have the triple conversion right now. I bought it for the F-106B and had no plans at all for the Mirage IIID or the Cougar. If you'd like to have the extra bits (include cockpits and canopies) lemme know at:

snipped-for-privacy@mnstate.diespammerdie.edu (remove diespammerdie)

and I'll try to get it into the mail for you. It may take a while as I'm going to be heading out on vacation this next week.

In return I'd like some 1/48 Sparrows if ya got em? I'm building an F-16 for the ND ANG and need a pair of DECENT Sparrows for it. I'd consider it an even up trade four 1/48 Sparrows for the double conversion.

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