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I can't believe nobody announced the 40% off on kits this past week at Hobby
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Meh. I'm in spitting distance of seven HLs...and even I didn't go hunting all seven this time round.
I did snag an Atomic City Mercury, that was a pleasant surprise. Found it in the Model Rocket aisle- and not with the regular plastic.
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Saturn S. Padua
I'll see their 40% and raise 'em another 10% on the likelihood they'll be having a 50% after Christmas sale of massively over-ordered kits.
But thanx for the FYI, it is always appreciated.
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No one announced it here? On every freakin forum I visit the same guy has to be the town crier. I can't believe it wasn't done here as well.
Anyway I don't know about any after X-Mas sale on overordered kits. My HL does not look like they ever overorder anything cause the model aisle is always half empty.
Cheers, Max Bryant
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M Bryant
I didn't mention it because I became unemployed (again) the week before the sale, so I was/am in, shall we say, a bit of a mood. Modeling hasn't helped the mood either. In fact, as much as I hate to admit it, I crushed three I had almost finished, then the pieces and a coffee cup went through and out the second story window. I will apologize, however, for not mentioning it so others migh take advantage.
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And "jerry 47" opened up and revealed to the world news: snipped-for-privacy@corp.supernews.com:
Which firewall(s) are you using? There should be a settings screen that you can tweek the settings so that you can choose which traffic to accept and which to refues.
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Sorry to hear about the job. I know the feeling. Just don't tell me which ones you crushed. =[
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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