Hobby Lobby Plastic Model Kits half off!

Note that that kit could have probably *also* been purchased last week, with their "50% OFF Model Rockets" coupon. Every store I have visited, stocks this kit with the flying rockets. And I do not think the clerks at the store would recognize the difference.

Did anyone successfully purchase motors, or other "non kits" using the

50% coupon?
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Greg Heilers
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Purchased the Project Mercury 1/12 scale Mercury Capsule kit at my local hobby store. This week from May 30 thur June 4, 2005 All plastice model kits half off. Just thought I would let every body know.

Robert J. Richardson

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Robert J. Richardson

I did exactly that last week. I asked if that was considered a "model rocket kit" and the clerk said yes.

The same clerk wouldn't go for half list on their last AT kit that was marked down from $70 to $50. So I left it behind, where it's been for 3 years now...

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Bob Kaplow

Bob, Next time check with the manager. He may let you have it for half price off the original $70. That's what the manager here at the store in Alex told me. He said which ever is lower.

Darian Rachal

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