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we need more trains.
Just finished an old ITC "Cabbage Stack", in reality a Plains Class 2-6-2. ITC
(and Glencoe, who reissued one in the 1990s) claimed it was 1:120. It's H-O.
Detail is kind of sparse, but it works up to a nice little model, nonetheless.
Came in a 2-pack with the "Southern Pacific" (Glencoe's "Central Pacific
Huntington") 4-2-4 and was in reality a Southern Pacific No.1, the C.P.
Huntington (named for one of the line's owners). It's H-O as well, and is also
really nice. The only mistakes in the kit are the painting instructions.
Fortunately, I was able to find a color photo of the engine (it's in a museum
in California), and also found out that it was a wood burner (ITC plans called
it a coal-burner).
Next in this line-up will be an American 4-4-0, ("The General") in H-O, and
plan on doing a Civil War vignette around it, maybe with a rail-mounted morter,
or some kind of troop-train.
Who's next?
-- John
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No building yet, but I've been accumulating N Gauge locos, rolling stock, diorama stuff for the steam-to-deisel age.
Since I usually work in 1/72 scale it's nice to do a little bit in a small scale for a change.
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Ain't 1/160 great?
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Funny this topic should appear about now. I'm still gnashing my teeth after visiting a hobbyshop here in Northwestern Montana. I used to drop by every two weeks when I was "out on the road".
They used to buy a half dozen bottles of Strip-A-Kit about every month or so. Since I hadn't been by in about 18 months, I thought I would take some along with copies of "Luftwaffe Im Focus" to replenish their stocks.
Surprise! When I walked into the shop the "hobby area" had diminished a lot. Gone was the tower display of "Squadron" publications......the paint area had shrunk......the products left in the book area were dog eared left-overs........ and a lot of very nice aircraft/armor kits were piled on a sale table marked down 50% off MSRP.
When I approached the store owner, she referred me to her new "Hobby specialist" who was hunkered down behind a counter filled with HO and N Scale trains. I introduced myself and showed him the Strip-A-Kit and Luftwaffe Im Focus pubs.
"Nah," I was told. "I don't need any of those books. Nobody is interested in the German Air Force."
Then he glanced at the SAK and said, "Let me think about that. It might sell........"
I told him that it had been a product that moved consistently, but it didn't excite him.
I was pretty disgusted when I left. It was obvious that the new "hobby specialist" only had a two track mind..........because HE KNEW airplanes, tanks, ships, decals and paint would never sell. (I also noticed the local modeling club's display case had disappeared.)
I doubt if I will ever shop there again or refer the shop to anyone visiting Montana............ Too bad. Even though it was expensive it was still a pleasant oasis in an otherwise skimpy selection here in Montana.
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I myself, enjoy both HO and N scale. I've also found that my modeling skills have really come in handy with the railroading stuff too. Especially weathering. Recently I obtained the space I need to do a decent layout so I'm planning all kinds of fun to keep me busy for the next few years! :) Bill
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Well, they do go 'round and 'round, assuming you can hook the wires up correctly. ;)
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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Bill Banaszak
Wow, that's sad really. I wonder if he's operating from an accounting standpoint or just gut feeling. Whenever I see retail locations paring back departments they usually go out of business in a couple of years.
The Keeper (of too much crap)
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I'd bet money that this so-called "hobby specialist" is an MBA. (More Bad Advice)
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Edwin Ross Quantrall

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