When you know it's an obsession

How about 1000 or so plastic lids from those plastic preserved fruit containers ,used for paint mixing and glue palettes ,then there is the foil that seals the container ,then the container when its empty.

Individual serve yoghurt containers are good when emptied , just need a rinse.

The miles of copper wire from broken electric motors , stripped down DVD and video players ,tons of stuff in them .

The lead foil from the dentists xray thingies......etc etc etc

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While you're there, see if you can't get the dental hygenist to part with a bunch of drill bits. These are really fine and useful for many projects. Last time I was there, she gave me a bunch (about 50) just out of the autoclave and sterilized, but destined for the trash.

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The Old Man

Asked my dentist awhile back for tools and she offloaded about sixty stainless steel picks. I gave most of them away to fellow modelers, kep my favorites.

Caps from 2 litre soda bottles make excellent disposable palletes. Cocktail toothpicks sharpened even more make great extra fine detail brushes and glue applicators.


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circuit boards get $1.75 a lb at the recyclers.

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