Who's buying colelctions?

Finally decided I need to unload this albatross. I've culled what I want to
keep and have bunches of armor, ships (wood and steel), aircraft and cars in
various scales. Looking at close to 3000 (well, 2500 at least) kits.
I called Hobby Station in Elizabethtown. Guy came up and wrinkled his nose,
he's looking for old Aurora or Revell. Not terribly impressed with his
attitude. Declined to make an offer. His sidekick wanted to buy old 1/72
Revell B-17F, lancaster and 1/48 Tamiya Jap Zero floatplane. I asked for $30,
to rich for his blood, I said buy more and I'll lower the price.
Anyway I reckon it's gonna be the hard way, here and some of the other
websites and then Evil Bay.
Anyone know of any other resellers in the Louisville area. I can try Rare
Plane Detective and Nostalgo Plastic, nut then i have to have to send them a
list and that's a bit of work, rather just have someone come by and eyeball
the mess, than pack it out, I'll even supply boxes.
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Check with Dean Sills at Dean's Hobby Stop. Super guy!
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US: 1-810-659-2137
Not affiliated, just a satisfied customer.
Mark M
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Mark M
snipped-for-privacy@some.domain wrote in news:Co2Xk.12904$ snipped-for-privacy@fe04.news.easynews.com:
Why yes, yes I do.
Email direct at ftauss at yahoo dot com to discuss. Put Lancaster in the subject line.
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