WTB: 1/48 Soviet/Russian Aircraft Ordnance

Hi all,
The header says it: anybody want to part with a 1/48 Sov/Russ aircraft
weapons set? I know DML/Dragon did one a while back, maybe other
manufacturers too.
Thanks much.
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FWIW That DML/Dragon set was 1/72 scale. I've never seen a Russian Weapons set in 1/48 and believe me, I've looked. I think TAC Scale did a few resin Russian weapons in 1/32, one that were applicable the Revell's MiG-29.
Bill Shuey
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William H. Shuey
The DML set was 1/72 scale. There are a number of 1/48 scale individual Soviet aircraft weapons from various manufactures, but no multiple weapons sets like the Hasegawa sets. What are you looking for?
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Dave Williams
ICM advertized some in their catalouge a couple of years ago. Never saw or heard of any being released though.
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Raymond A. Heilman

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