WWI Tank Question

Just got my Squadron flyer for November !!!
Back in the 70's I built a 1/72 WWI tank that had a wheel assembly
attached to the rear, I assume that was to get over the trenches or not
fall over backward?
anyways - does anyone know what type of tank this was and if its in the
Emhar series of 1/35
WWI tanks as listed in the flyer? None of the pics show the assembly
that I remember.
thx - Craig
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British Mk4 by Airfix ?
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You're thinking of the Airfix Mk 1 (which was actually closer to a mk II, but that's another story).
The wheels were for steering, but were soon dropped as they (a) weren't needed and (b) got in the way
Only the mks I and II had the wheels.
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Dave Fleming
The kit would be the Airfix Mk 1.
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The wheels were intended to assist the steering, but were not successful. Later Marks didn't have them, and they were gradually removed from earlier tanks.
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Emhar does Mk IV's in 1/35 and 1/72, in Male (2 x 6pdr, 3 x machine-guns) and Female (5 x machine-guns) form, also a Mk V. These are all the same general lozenge shape as the Mk 1, but without the steering tail. I guess you could scratch-build one if you wanted to...
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Alan Dicey

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