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For the past 3 issues "Hemming's Classic Car" has been running articles
on the US auto industry in WWII. The lates article is on Packard's
contributions. Apparently Packard completed 55,000+ Merlins during the
war. Any figures on R-R's output available?
The marine engines also get some space in the article as do the old
Packard dies. There was a reason those old Soviet limos looked like old
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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Mad Modeller
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Is there a source for military use of the 1940 Ford in it's various guises?
Now that Academy has offered a very nice GMC WC54 Ambulance it's time for a flurry of Fords. Four Mil did an O1T and a 1939 91T (what are those, anyhow?) in 1/76 scale, but that's all. Two kits could cover the long and short wheelbase variants for the coupe, sedan, woody, pickup truck, staff car, etc.
Any source for plans?
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Not that I can find. It seems that the '40 undoubtedly made it into the military ranks as did Fords of the previous years - but not on a scale with the 41 and 42 styles that were last in production when the US entered the war - officially on 12/8/41 and before.
In the absence of any documented mil requisition sheets indicating otherwise, any utilitarian '40 Fords in factory colors (and appropriate mil markings) or painted in Navy grey and Army drab will be included in my dioramas w/o apology.
No idea.
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