Zvezda MiG 1.44 - Have you seen it?

Just saw on Hannants website that Zvezda finally released the 1/72 MiG
1.44 (aka MFI). Has anyone seen it? Is it good?
Thanks in advance.
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I have just ordered mine from Hannants - I'll let you know as soon as it arrives......
I am interested to see how accurate I was with my scratchbuild of 5 years ago :- Ken
PS - I also have an Amodel Il-38 and An-26 on the way from Lindenhill!
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Ken Duffey
Have seen pics of the sprues on a forum board and the detail looks excellent.
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Nick Pedley
Mig 1.44 MFI - NATO nickname is the FLATPACK... UK modellers will get the joke!
Ken, like to explain for the cuzzins 'cross the Pond?
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Chris Hughes
OK - The MiG 1.44 bears the Russian appellation of MFI - standing for Mnogofunctionalniy Frontovoy Istrebitel (which translates to - Multirole Frontal(Tactical) Fighter).
The intials MFI coincide with a UK-based furniture warehouse :-
formatting link
Here you visit the showroom, select an item, then collect it as a self-assembly 'flatpack' !!!
NATO (or more accurately, the Air Standards Co-ordinating Committee that includes Australia, New Zealand etc) allocates names to Russian jet fighters beginning with the letter F and consisting of two syllables.
Therefore, the joke that Chris alludes to is to call the Russian MFI 'Flatpack' - after the flatpack furniture avaliable from MFI.
There - I think I have covered it all ??
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Ken Duffey

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