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ARM: Review - Miniart 1/35 scale SU-85 Model 1943 Mid Production
Kit Review: Miniart 1/35 scale Kit No. 35187; SU-85 Mod. 1943 Mid Productio n; 1,016 parts (888 in grey styrene, 116 etched brass, 14 clear styrene); r etail price US$79.95 Advantages: nice new mold...
5 years ago
ARM: Hero Models 1/35 scale US modern plastic jerry cans
Kit Review: Hero Model Kits 1/35 Modern Series Kit No. E35008; U.S. Jerry C an and Plastic Tank; 44 parts in tan styrene; retail price US$9.95 Advantages: new mold kits of modern US water and fuel...
5 years ago
Nimitz class Carrier reference materials?
Looking for reference materials for any Nimitz class Carrier; esp cross-section/interior, looking to build a cut-away showing interior of hanger bay, flight deck and bridge... Books/photos etc Thx....
5 years ago
ARM: Review - Tamiya 1/35 scale M10 Tank Destroyer - Mid Production
Kit Review: Tamiya 1/35 scale kit No. 35350; U.S. Tank Destroyer M10 Mid Pr oduction; 333 parts (316 in olive drab styrene, 10 clear styrene, 4 vinyl k eepers, 2 vinyl track runs, 1 section of nylon...
5 years ago
AIR: Airfix 1/48 scale Gloster Meteor F.8
Kit Review: Airfix 1/48 scale Kit No. A09182; Gloster Meteor F.8; 164 parts (153 in grey styrene, 11 clear styrene); retail price US$47.99 Advantages: nice, new mold kit with a lot of options...
5 years ago
ARM: Review - Miniart 1/35 scale SU-122 Initial Production
Kit Review: Miniart 1/35 scale Kit No. 35175; SU-122 Initial Production; 90 9 parts (795 part in grey styrene,110 etched brass, 14 clear styrene); reta il price US$79.95 Advantages: new mold kit of...
5 years ago
1/48 T-33 Fletcher tanks
I know this is a long shot, but anyone have a set they can spare? Thanks, Tom
5 years ago
Hasegawa 109G6/AS 1/48 Green 5
Would like to get one. Does anyone have one for sale or knows of someone selling? Thanks JOse
5 years ago
ARM: Review - Roden 1/35 scale M37 3/4 ton 4 x 4 US Cargo Truck
Kit Review: Roden 1/35 scale Kit No. 806; M37 US 3/4 Ton 4 x 4 Cargo Truck; 241 parts (225 in grey styrene, 10 clear styrene, 5 black vinyl tires, 1 black nylon string); retail price US$57.99...
5 years ago
ARM: Review - AFV Club 1/35 scale M60A2 Starship MBT
Kit Review: AFV Club 1/35 scale Kit No. 35230; M60A2 Patton Main Battle Tan k - Later Version; 770 parts (670 in olive drab stryene, 55 etched brass, 2 5 clear styrene, 14 black vinyl keepers, 2 black...
5 years ago
ARM: Review - Meng 1/35 scale Russian Light AA Gun Set
Kit Review: Meng 1/35 scale Kit No. SPS-026; Russian Light AA Gun Set: 500 parts (467 in olive drab styrene, 33 etched brass); retail price US$36.00 Advantages: bonanza kit for those wanting to modify...
5 years ago
Anyone got a spare prop for a 1/72 Swordfish?
Got a Matchbox at the show. I thought I saw the prop in it, musta fallen out. it's been reissued by Revell and they would have replacement parts available using their online form. Just need the kit...
6 years ago 2
WTB/T: 1/35 M36 Jackson turret
OK, I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have a junked M36, Italeri/ Testors or one of the newer AFV Club or Academy kits that I can get the tur ret from? A buddy of mine gave me an M36 resin...
6 years ago
ARM: Review - Miniart 1/35 scale T-44M Soviet Medium Tank
Kit Review: Miniart 1/35 scale Kit No. 37002: T-44 Soviet Medium Tank; 952 parts (869 in grey styrene, 61 etched brass, 12 clear styrene); retail pric e US$69.99 Advantages: first kit of this vehicle...
6 years ago
Sherman in Fury
Cookie, I am picking up he new Tamiya Esay 8 at the Model Classic at the end of the month. Could you turn your experienced eye on Fury and give us a rundown of what it take to duplicate that, in the...
6 years ago 7