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wrong group! Sorry!
Sorry about that! Al
Re: Looking for 1/350 scale Battleship running gear
I thought that whip would be awfully tiny... Bill Banaszak, MFE
Re: The OKC Nationals
Wasn't the address of the hobby shop in question somewhere in Lake Michigan? And as for stirring the pot at the Nationals, I would think just slipping in a nude figure would do it. ;) Bill Banaszak,...
Accurate Armour A+ service
I received an order for some 17 pdr rounds from Accurate Armour ; unfortunately a few of the "empties" were incomplete castings. Happens. I e-mailed to see about getting replacements and 5 days later...
Re: ARM: Who Makes the Best BDD Armopr in 1/35?
Thanks Cookie. I'll look them up online. Yeah... kinda been out of the country for the past ten months. But the at least I got a bunch of cool pices out fo the deal. :) By the way, what do you know...
Re: Specific 4th FG request...
Wade you might try (if you can find it) Debden Eagles by Garry Fry. I've got a photo copy version of the book which I learned of from the historian of the 4th FW many years ago. I tried for a while to...