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I'm planning an upgrade from 2006 to 2008. I know the UI has changed quite a bit. Do you think it's changed enough to require some type of formal training. Maybe 1/2 day or full day?

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I wouldn't think formal training would really be necessary. Perhaps time to set up the UI to how it was in 2006 or real close to it would probably be more beneficial than formal training. It can be customized and changed to just about how it was in 2006 or 2007. Or just give the users some extra time for a week to get used to the new UI. The initial shock of the UI is something that makes the power user say WTF was SW thinking and changed it the way they did. After using it with some minor customizing, it actually isn't all that bad and in some places faster. Pick a plane or face in a part and a pop up menu has a sketch command on it as well as some other menu items that would be possible with the mouse pick you just did.

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My plan here is to have a sit-down session with everyone at the same time. There new UI is different enough that most people will hate it at first. But as others have mentioned, once you learn it a bit, you can most probably be faster with it. I figure that my demonstrating some things for an hour or so will cut their discovery time way down.

There will still be slower times to start, no doubt, but I feel that to right away change it to look and act as close to 2007 is a mistake. The changes were not arbitrary just to screw with the users, but were done with improved usability as the goal. The fact that more commands are available quicker with less mouse travel and clicks does offer a working improvement. To refuse to give it a chance is short-sighting yourself and your users, and in effect, admitting that learning a possibly faster method is not worth the effort.

I always remember a cartoon that I saw years ago about a gladiator type soldier being tapped on the shoulder while in the thick of fighting a battle. His comment was that obviously he was busy with a fight - he didn't have time for any pesky salesmen. Off to the right we see that the salesman was holding a Gatling gun.


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Wayne Tiffany

Well said Wayne....

I am thinking of a lunch and learn session with the guys. An hour or so to show them the basics of the new UI and how they can customize it and then we will cut them loose.

The new UI is a shock but if you give yourself some time to use it and customize to take advantage of the new features I believe it is worth the effort.



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Anna Wood

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