2D Electrical Plug-Ins

Does anyone know of a good electrical design plugn for creating 2d Swx
electrical drawings.
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Will Astill
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use solidworks dwg editor -- there may even be some electrical plug ins for it since it supports lisp, VB, & ect.... Or the out of the box Solidworks solution is to use MS VISIO Technical edition. Then use the Insert --> Schematic command from the 2D solidworks drawing.
Hope that helps or sparks other ideas for ya. Steve Tietz
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Steve Tietz
Slightly more detail here now. Turns out that the guys want to move the old Microstation .cel library into .dxf or dwg. format so they can use them in solidworks drawings.
We need a macro or something to open Microstation and export each cell from the library. Probably better posted to an autocad or microstation group methinks, unless anyone knows of a plugin to bring electrical symbols into SWX drawings.
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Will Astill
VISIO comes to minds. Depends just what you are doing. Does it have to interface with other software also?
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