A few SW modeling questions

Been using the app on and off at work for a few months. I have a few
questions answered that would really have an impact my workflow.
First the best way to create more organic forms like say, sea shell type
shapes with compound or bidirectional curvature.
I would also like to be able to add a shaped deform if possible. I.E. the
same sea shell shape with a carefully placed, elongated and tapered hump
added to the curved surface.
Anyway to create the overall form of an entire object, then slice it into 2
or more separate parts?
Last question, best approach for making the seams of plastic parts that snap
together. I would love to be able to derive the shape from an existing part
and create the small extrusions needed for this purpose.
Thanks for any answers, been making the transition from polymodeling
software, so some of this seems a little unintuitive :)
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Essentially you have to create a curve/spline cage that you can sweep or loft through/ There are a number of different methods of doing this. You can project two sketches n each other. You can create a 3D curve from the intersection of 3 surfaces. You can create curves directly in 3D sketch, which tends to be a little finnicky
Hmm I am not seeing this form from your word description.
Look up Top Down modelling in Solidworks.
Yeah- I feel your pain. It is definitely a different mindset. But it is possible to approximate a Rhino style workflow in Solidworks (along with a proven datum plane based system)
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Check these tutorials. I will be posting updates to these in the next couple of weeks.
formatting link
Also search Google for Ed Eaton Curvy Stuff DiMonte and Wilson SolidWorks.
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Thanks for your help JD, those tutorials are very informative! Much appreciated :) Thanks to Parel as well, appreciate the tips!
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Parel, was wondering if you could explain the info leading up to the part where your mouse tutorial begins. I have tried adding tangency to the intersection lines created on the first surface of a model I am building, but my seams are still a bit pronounced. Any help on this would be appreciated, thanks for your help!
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