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Does anyone out there have experience in adding audio to an animation created in SolidWorks via. third party software for audio and video editing.. I would also like to be able to edit in text frames to explain product features in the animation. I am making a product demonstration animation that is to be played at a trade show. Also, I would like to provide this multimedia presentation to my customer on a CD that will be able to run on a DVD player.

Any advice would be a big help.

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Andrew Grove

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Windows XP comes with Movie Maker that can do all that. Make sure you get the new version 2 tho. (Free)

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If you don't have XP, Multiquence

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can let you mix in / add audio (you can record directly into a voice track if you want). You can make captions that appear onscreen over the video, or you can split apart your video tracks and mix in still pix or slides. About $50 USD ($65 CDN).

It's not a full-bore video editor. Its main function is to mix various audio and video files into a single output, and it's restricted to AVI out, with only a couple types. You can bring in and edit AVI, MPEG, and MOV video files, but apparently not WMV video formats. If these restrictions are wrong for you, then the program is not a good fit for you.

No connection -- just a happy user. I first used it several years ago to spiff up a presentation in a hurry.

Dave G.

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Dave G


I have a little experience creating VCD or SVCD's that are playable on some, not all DVD players.

Below I'll show you a link to a great reference for creating VCD's

Bear in mind more DVD players can play VCD's than can play SVCD's.

Also, there are some quirks to work through, the biggest is knowing whether or not the DVD player itself will:

1) Play VCD or SVCD at all.

2) Play VCD or SVCD on a burned CD-R.

3) If not on a burned CD-R, then will it play either on a burned CD-RW?

Even if you read that it does these things in the manuals, manufacturers change their firmware so often that you can't be assured of anything if you are trying to look professional to a client. If you wish to send this to them, you almost have to try it on their model of DVD player, or somehow make it understood that they might have to try a second disk you send along or some other solution.

For instance, I own an RCA DVD player that says it will play both VCD's as well as MP3's, but the packaging neglects to tell you that it can't under any circumstances read jack squat off a burned CD-R or CD-RW. Therefore, the fact that it can read and play MP3's is a useless one.

Here's the link to a wealth of information;

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Keep in mind that much of this information deals with making personal backups of DVD's which although it involves AVI files, since you are dealing with AVI's recorded off of SW Animator you have a little less work to do. Also, keep in mind that you will have to convert standard AVI files to mpeg or DIVX to be able to successfully burn a VCD.

--Matt Schroeder

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Matt Schroeder

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I work my videos with VirtualDub, a freeware that I'd call the "swiss knife" of video.

See (also):

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Jean Marc BRUN

Thanks for the replies, I appreciate your input.


Andrew Grove

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Andrew Grove

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