I need a quality parts-explode animation for a presentation.
What is the optimum animation setting?
I put the custom resolution at 1024 x 768. The image doesnt look any
different from 800 x 600 resolution.
What settings do you guys recommend?
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There are several things to consider when determining optimum:
- Hardware the animation is going to be viewed on (no 1600x1200, 30fps avis on a $600 laptop). The idea is to have a smooth running animation.
- Frames per second (fps) that you want. Generally you want between 15 to 30.
- Size (in pixels) of the animation.
For example: if you are going to show it on a project, what is the max native resolution of the projector
- Distribution of the animation. If you are going to carry on a dvd to another computer then a 500mb avi file isn't a big deal, if you are going to stream it over the internet then you want a much smaller file with a better compression algorithm (maybe a 25mb MPEG at a lower resoution (pixesl), lower frame rate and with a longer time between key frames. If you are sending your animation to a post-production house, then you wouldn't want any compression, a high frame rate and size wouldn't be an issue.
- Quality of the rendering itself. Is a screen grab adequate, or do you need to texture map it and use photoworks.
Side note, lighting makes a big difference. Take a few minutes to set up lights that show off your product.
IMO, Montie
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